A Night at The South Florida Fair

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The excitement surrounding the South Florida Fair comes to culmination once the slow, revolving lights of the Ferris wheel can be seen from the car. The excitement builds up again when you park the car, and take the first step onto the loose gravel of the makeshift parking lot. The array of alternating and flashing neon lights will be the first thing that catches your attention. Rounds of laughter burst through the air as children prance around their parents in anticipation of the excitement to come. There is a three-minute walk from the parking area to the entrance. On the way in, families can be seen leaving with all sorts of stuffed animals, and glowing toys. On approaching the entrance, the air becomes increasingly thick with the aroma of the famous fried fair foods. If possible, try to make it there as early as possible because the lines get really long in the evening, but once through the entrance the wait quickly becomes worth it.

neon rides

The admission is $15 for adults – $9 for senior citizens – $8 for children 6 to 11 years old – free admission for children 5 years old and younger. Admission does not cover food or rides. Tickets for rides can be purchased at a rate of $5 for 4 tickets, or $25 for a pack of 25 tickets. However, for a better value, wristbands that grant unlimited rides are sold for $25 ($35 on Saturdays and Sundays), which comes in handy when considering that the South Florida Fair has over 200 rides, games and attractions!

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Remember, it’s always best to go on rides like “Ring of Fire” before eating delicious fair foods like fried Oreo cookies. “Ring of Fire,” a roaring roller coater set on a ring-shaped track, stops for a moment at the top of the ring and leaves you suspended, upside down in midair – giving you an aerial view of the upside down fairground.  It’s also best not to get on the “Starship 2000” with a belly full of soda. The “Starship 2000” is an enclosed chamber that spins at gravity intensifying speeds. But if you are looking for the thrill of heights the “Mega Drop” is an absolute must! It climbs to the highest point that you could reach at the South Florida Fair, pauses for a moment, and, of course, it drops! There are so many varieties of rides that there is something for everyone in the family. There are many side activities taking place such water gun contests, face painting, sand sculptures, petting zoo, sketch portraits, live performances and much, much more.

donut burger

Saving the best for last, no trip to the South Florida Fair is complete without eating some of the wacky fair food items. Nothing screams American excess like the mouthwatering combinations that can be found in fair food. They have great drinks both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. From fried ice cream to funnel cakes to elephant ears to corn dogs to donut cheeseburgers, you’ll wonder why cheeseburgers aren’t always made with donuts. With so much to do, two trips will be needed.

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