Your Guide to the 2016 California State Fair – Part 2

The 2016 California State Fair is on for 17 days from July 8th to July 24, 2016 in Sacramento, CA. Part 2 of the guide features the new exhibits , food and amenities at the 2016 California State Fair. You can read Part 1 here.

The 2016 fair will feature various new exhibits such as an interactive transportation exhibit where the role of transportation in California from the past to the present and beyond will be explored. There will even be a prototype of a flying car on display. This exhibit shows how evolving forms of transportation are continually shaping California culture.

The Whale Tales focuses on educating guests about California’s coastal regions and the animals that call these places home. The Nature Exhibit area has also been renovated to feature native California plants which use less water.

There will be a photography competition. It’s a new competition category which was added this year and it drew more than 2,200 entries.

New food is also not an exemption. One of the biggest draws of the Fair is the food and now guests can sample a variety of Fair favorites during the $2 Taste of the Fair. Every concessions vendor will have a snack-sized item to purchase for just $2.

There were new rides such as Sky Ride which is a great way to give your feet a rest and get from one part of the Fair to another with various boarding locations at the carnival. Quasar a fast paced thrill ride that holds two passengers per car will also be available at the Fair. This creates a unique undulating sensation for each of the cars.

New Amenities were also introduced such as the More shade and seating. Summer is hot, but guests can stay cool with more shaded areas and seating in the Coca-Cola walkway.  Also, most of the toilets at Fair have been converted to low-flow systems. Even with increased attendance at the Fair it continues to conserve natural resources.

The Fair favorite includes Live Horse Racing, Cooking Competitions and displays, Award winning Wines and Craft Beer.

The seventeen day California State Fair is a hearty celebration of California, its industries, agriculture and diversity of its people. This year edition is promise to be educative and also filled with plenty of entertainment, fascinating exhibits, popular livestock shows, mouthwatering food and the largest tasting of California award-winning wines. It’s a place to be this summer for a great and wonderful experience.

Tell us about your day at the fair!

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