Top 5 things to do at the 2014 Texas State Fair

The 2015 Texas State Fair is on from September 25 – Oct 18th, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. In spirit of Big Tex himself we decided to do a top 5 list of things to do at the famous Texas State Fair.

1. Check out a live music act.

There are dozens of talented live music acts performing each day at this years Texas State Fair. It doesn’t matter what genre of music your into they got you covered. Some of the headlining acts on the main stage will include Kool and the Gang, The Swon Brothers, Fantasia, Lucy Hale, Siggno, Kyle Park, Becky G, Danielle Bradbery and Collective Soul.

Becky G’s music video – Shower

2. Attend a Texas style competition.

The 2014 Texas State Fair has a variety of competitions up for grabs. There are livestock, creative arts and cooking competitions. Pick the one that interests you the most and you can spend a whole day checking out the competitions alone!

A clip from the 2013 Steer Competition at the Texas State Fair


3. Check out the Autoshow

This years Texas State Fair features an autoshow open 7 days a week for the entirety of the state fair. Scope out your next car or sit in the driver seat of a classic restored car.

Tour of the Texas State Fair Autoshow

 4. Relive your childhood on the midway

Let’s face it, not all of us enjoy paying to be spun around and around until we are nauseous but once in a while it can be fun. Buy a few tickets and check out the midway rides and carnival games.

Be like this guy, he seems exited:

 5. Eat greasy carnival food.

If your going to drive all the way there, pay money for admission, parking, ride tickets, etc then you may as well spend another $20 on fair food. A good place to start would be checking out a cooking competition as there is sure to be good Texas BBQ nearby. I would then suggest filling any remaining gaps in your stomach with cotton candy, fried Nutella, King Ranch casserole, and chicken-fried meatloaf.

Fried good sampling at the Texas State Fair


Tell us about your day at the fair!

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